VedAcharya Dhanada Kulkarni

VedAcharya Dhanada Kulkarni

VedAcharya Dhanada Kulkarni – BAMS, Masters in Medicine, LMT, BCIM, International Master Ayurvedic and Yoga Specialist & Expert, Licensed Massage Therapist, B.A. Vedanga Jyotish, Diploma in Vastushasatra, Board certified in American Alternative Medicine, (AAMA), Board Certified in American integrative Medicine BCIM from (AAIM), Pre/Post-natal exercise specialist, AFPA, USA. Founder of Astang Ayurved and Panchakarma wellness center, Vedic Astrologer and Vastu Consultant. A Yajur Vedic Brahmin by tradition. Her knowledge of Vedic Astrology and Vastu inherited to her DNA from her Vedic Brahmin family.

VedAcharya Dhanada has been very active in promoting Ayurveda and other ancient Indian Vedic sciences at various forums in the USA over the last 18 years. She served on the Executive Board of several Ayurveda and Yoga organizations internationally.

VedAcharya Dhanada has been an international keynote speaker, presenter and integrated medicine panel expert for many organizations. She has been honored with many international awards such Jivaka, Dhanwantari and Patanjali award by AAPNA for her Ayurveda and yogic research. She is also known from presenting Ayurvedic solutions on various media groups such as radio Azad, Funasia, EBC Radio, Radiozindagi, AsiaTV. She has a natural flair for a life devoted to serve others and a feeling of unity with all mankind. Recently, she is honored and proud to be Founder and Director of Texas’s first authentic Ayurveda school- AIAP (American Institute of Ayurveda profession).

Speak With VedAcharya Dhanada

Speak With VedAcharya Dhanada

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“ My presence here to serve our community to awaken your health through Vedic wisdom is planned by Ishwari-Sanket (divine signs and manifestations of His supreme presence). I welcome and invite each one of you to explore and experience this Vedic healing lifestyle through our Astang Ayurved Center. I believe, your healing journey will start for eternal enlightenment designed and guided by His abiding presence within you. I will serve as His sovereign to awaken your healing consciousness! Hari Om tat sat !.”

-Vedacharya Dhanada Kulkarni