Yogic Chikitsa

Pain, stress, weight, aging? We can suggest lifestyle changes to help promote balance in your body and help you feel better.

Our Packages

Private Yoga and Meditation

  • Three private sessions with VedAcharya Dhanada Kulkarni
  • Designed to strengthen and deepen your home Yoga and meditation practice
  • Each session is one hour long
  • Individualized instruction in Yoga poses suitable for individual constitution
  • Instruction in pranayama (breathing techniques)
  • Instruction in traditional yogic meditation techniques

Comprehensive 3 sessions series within 3/4 weeks

Build or Deepen Your Yoga Practice

  • 2-day/week private Yoga and meditation series
  • Designed to help you learn or deepen your meditation practice
  • Each session is one hour long
  • Instruction in simple, effective breathing techniques
  • Instruction in mindfulness techniques and homework suggestions
  • 30 minutes of silent and/or guided meditation in each session

2 days per week, we will have 1-hour sessions


  • Cooking Workshops are available
  • Workshops are only available if you provide the group
  • Kitchen facilities are required to hold the workshop
  • Utensils are necessary for the workshop
  • The workshop may focus on a specific type of cuisine or cooking style
  • Participants will learn cooking techniques and recipes during the workshop

Please contact us for more details