My Vedic Inheritance

My Vedic Inheritance

I am proud to be born as Yajur Vedic Brahmin by tradition. Brahmins are revered as an incarnation of knowledge itself. Priests, gurus, rishis, teachers, and scholars constituted the Brahmin community. They represent the link between sublime knowledge of the gods and the four vedas. This way, since the ancestral wisdom is sustained through guru-disciple practice and would remain rooted to the requirements of their extensive acquisition of vedic knowledge.

My grandfather– Shastri Shri Bhawan Gopal Joshi bestowed with the titles of “Vedshastrasampanna panditshastri” (endowed/mastering Vedshastra knowledge) were requested to counsel kings of Indore, Ujjain, Tryambakeshwar cities in India in his era. Our Vedic ancestral knowledge of Vedic mantras, gems, rudrakshas malas, yagas-यज्ञworship/ offering refers to ritual done in front of a sacred fire with mantras, mudras, yoga, vedic astrology, vastu and ayurved from different ancient vedic texts are passed on to next generations as blessings to enlighten and to awaken human wellbeing with its rhythmic impressions on – physical, biological, emotional, and psychological aspects.

My Vedic Lineage - VedAcharya Dhanada Kulkarni

I am blessed for sagacious vedic knowledge inherited to my DNA from my mom and my priest-ancestors on vedic astrology, Vastu, Yoga, specific ancient mantra therapies and many sacred spiritual rituals for wellbeing of mankind. I am enchanted with natural flair for a life devoted to the study and practice of Indian ancient vedic sciences. Now, I am delighted to bring my inborn eagerness to serve you all these vedic wisdom and a feeling of unity with all mankind.


My parents, my first Gurus and Sadguru Shri Gajanan Maharaj is the inspiration behind our Astang Ayurved Center with our ancestral vedic wisdom. My mother is an extraordinary vedic healer and spiritual teacher in Pune, India. She raised her kids from the beginning on vedanta’s teachings and its philosophy- “Beyond your body, beyond your mind, beyond your intellect lies your essential Self.” She shown us our mission and purpose in life culminates upon discover of your real Self.’ Drawing from the wisdom of ancient Veda texts, her philosophy for holistic development of a child recognizes the connectedness of body, mind and spirit. I remember chanting Mantras, Bhagavad-Gita, learning early morning Sanskrit shlokas/ sahityas (literatures),help us understand deeper meaning on vedic scripture’s language, her early morning Suraya worshiping ( praying to sun as first God of universe), her introducing yoga asanas to us before school, cooking nutritious healthy organic food offering as “Naivedya” sharing it as prasad ( offering food over auspicious blessings) practicing Reki-pranic healing to soothe our anxiety for exams and stress, inspiring through our dynamic career achievements and list is endless. Truly, she lives up to her “Chandrakala”- a Sanskrit name meaning “Beams of the moon “which symbols her motherly love as cool, sweet and as auspicious as full moon whose very presence soothed, and gave hope to the many who sought his counsel.

My mother, Chandrakala Eknath Joshi, Vedanga Jyotish Astrology, Ph.D. and Vastu Visharad from KaviKulguru Kalidas Vishwa Vidyalaya-Ramtek, Maharashtra, India has been blessed with vedic inheritance from her ancestral fathers and through her breathtaking magnificence, mind-blowing intelligence, entirety and depth, she has been very successful to help create a big impact on thousands of people’s life and many of them are her students, followers walking on the same path that paved and crafted with love from her. She voluntarily devoted her life for the seva (selfless services) of these Vedic sciences as result Kavi Kulguru Kalidas Vishwa Vidyalaya Aurangabad, Indian Institute has bestowed her as “Dean of the Vedanga Jyotish and Vastu studies” for last one decade.