Vedic Astrology

Wellness is happiness of mind and harmony of soul. Our various wellness program makes you healthier, physically as well as mentally.

Our Packages

Vedic Astrology consultations General Life Reading

Our astrology consultation is a comprehensive exploration encompassing character, talents, career, relationships, and key life events. Tailored to individual interests, this session, a favorite among newcomers, lasts approximately an hour. Skillfully led by seasoned astrologers, it delves into birth charts, horoscopes, and astrological tools, delivering insightful analyses and interpretations.

Vedic Medical

Unveil the scientific realm of disease origins in our medical astrology sessions. This knowledge aids in uncovering health concerns, offering avenues for enhanced well-being. Expert medical astrologers lead hour-long consultations, utilizing horoscope analysis to tailor recommendations for treatments ranging from diet, exercise, and natural remedies to surgery or conventional medicine