Did you know your hair can tell you almost EVERYTHING about your health?

If you could do one test for the benefit of your health – hair analysis should be THE one.

Ayurveda & Hair Tissue Analysis

Ayurveda-inspired concept of personalized nutrition is suitable to one's genetic makeup. The concept is that food and drugs intersect, considering their effects according to the genetic constitution (Prakriti) of a person at the systems biology level. Ayurveda describes “Aharas” and vihars” as specific food/dietary needs and lifestyle, to suit one's individual constitution or Prakriti. Hair tissue mineral analysis test supports Ayurveda’s this philosophy of “one size doesn’t fit all”.


Hair mineral analyses are valuable screening tests that provide insight into your body’s mineral imbalances and potential tendencies towards certain conditions. It’s important to note that these tests do not diagnose specific diseases. However, when interpreted correctly, a hair analysis can offer a comprehensive picture of your body chemistry. By analyzing mineral levels in your hair, it can uncover imbalances that may indicate a predisposition towards certain health issues. This information allows for early intervention and targeted strategies to rebalance your body and improve overall well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hair Tissue mineral analysis is a laboratory test that measures this mineral content in the hair. In most cases, the test results reflect how much of these elements are in your tissues and provide a vivid picture of your internal environment. With this information, a world of metabolic events can be interpreted. Not only can your nutritional status be viewed, but you can also learn much about how efficiently your body is working.

There are many factors contribute to these tissue/ cellular trace elements and minerals cause deficiencies and imbalances in todays modern lifestyle. Stress depletes minerals from the body, toxic metals and chemicals, toxic food supply, pollution, nutritional supplements, taking incorrect supplements or improper amounts of supplements can produce many vitamin and mineral excesses and/or deficiencies, contributing to an overall biochemical imbalance. Therefore, HTMA is an excellent method for assessing, monitoring and guiding the correction and improvement of one’s body chemistry before deeper imbalances set in. This screening test is used to reduce the guesswork involved when recommending nutritional supplements and dietary modifications. Testing is recommended every 3-6 months and with the guidance of VedAcharya Dhanada, it will help you set on a path to recovery

Astang Ayurved Center has partnered with a federally licensed clinical laboratory to offer the comprehensive Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis test which gives result about your 10-15-pages comprehensive report from the laboratory will include the following:

  • Copy of test results showing a computerized bar graph illustration of high, low and reference range levels of the 38 elements listed.
  • Includes reference range to high levels for 8 toxic heavy metals.
  • Low, high and reference range for 15 important nutritional elements.
  • Low, acceptable and high levels of 6 significant mineral ratios.
  • Low and acceptable ranges for 9 minerals to toxic metal ratios.
  • Calculated values for 11 additional ratios.
  • Your unique metabolic rate, energy levels, sugar and carbohydrate tolerance, stage of stress, immune system and glandular activity along with heavy metal toxicity.
  • A complete individualized evaluation and detailed discussion of induvial ‘s metabolic type, current mineral levels and ratios, and their impact upon body chemistry.
  • Recommendations of specific foods and food groups, along with an explanation of why each food is suggested.
  • Supplement recommendations based upon age, sex, metabolic type, mineral patterns and specific need as seen on the tissue mineral analysis.

The Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is ideal for all those individuals who want to measure the levels of toxic metals and mineral ratios in their hair tissue as a way to monitor their nutritional status, chart their detoxification progress, want to know what exact vitamin and mineral their body seek for and get a detailed blueprint of their nutritional metabolic activity. HTML can be an explanation to health conditions which could be unexplainable with standard tests.


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Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Test

  • Your hair can reveal vital information about your health.
  • Hair analysis is a crucial test for assessing your overall well-being.
  • Hair tissue mineral analysis measures mineral content in your hair.
  • Test results reflect mineral levels in your tissues, providing insight into your internal environment.
  • The analysis offers a comprehensive view of metabolic events in your body.
  • It not only reveals your nutritional status but also assesses your body’s efficiency.

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