Paschat Karma

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Paschat Karma

Post Treatment

At Ashtanga Acuveda post cleansing treatments are given the utmost importance as this treatment will decide weather you have uprooted and expelled your root causes of your specific alignments or not. Ayurveda sages in ancient texts also mentioned that Paschat Karma is a” restricted period” which every individual must follow who has gone through panchakarma Chikista. Following the Panchakarma Chikista your general condition as well as state of gastrointestinal tract is not like the one present before through cleansing therapy. Due to body’s healing response, your physical stamina and gastrointestinal tract has become weak therefore certain follow-up measures are planned in ancient authentic panchakarma post treatment.

At Astanga Ayurveda, our Ayurveda Doctors design this therapy in following three categories.

Samsarajana Krama

It involves a diet regime of light, easily digestible, wholesome food with little or no spice, to rekindle the digestive fire and prevent accumulation of impurities. The detoxification process works on cellular regeneration and internal cleansing of the body and hence it is important that we provide our body some respite and much needed rest during and immediately after the treatments. The digestive system cannot be overloaded with greasy and heavy foods which are difficult to digest.


A 20-minute tune up session after two weeks of last day of Panchakarma chikitsa is included with our panchakarma Chikista 7 to 10-day packages. This therapy aimed to promotion and preservation of your health by increasing the immunity and resistance against the future diseases.


To maintain and improve balance and harmony shamana Chikista plays vital role. Three main elements contribute to Shamana Chikitsa – herbal medications (oral and external applications), yogic exercises, and food. Shamana Chikitsa uses extensive, lehyams, kashayams, churnas, arishtas, tailams, lepams, and other formulations.