Purvakarma: Pre-purification

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Purvakarma: Pre-purification

Getting ready for the cleanse

Panchakarma Chikista at Ashtanga Acuveda begins with oleation – applying and ingesting pure essential oils in order to loosen and mobilize accumulated toxins or ama. Prior to the performance of bio-purification, it is necessary to make you biologically ready to expel the accumulated morbid material. This process is called Purva-Karma (preparatory Measures).

For this-There are four procedures 

Deepana and Pachana

Deepana & Pachana does kindling of fire and digestion of metabolic toxins respectively. We use Deepana/ pachana ayurvedic medicinal herbs for this as per your Ayurvedic assessment which herbs and dosages will be then designed.


Snehana means “love” in Sanskrit, which is referred to as “internal and external oleation”

Snehapanam: Internal Oleation

Snehapanam therapy involves oral intake of medicated/non-medicated oil infused with medicinal herbs to eliminate toxins, improve digestion & promote health.

Sharira-Abhyanga: External Oleation

Abhyangam... the greatest expression of self-love! अभ्यंग means applying oil in अनुलोम गति (direction of our hair) all over the body. Doing Abhyanga every day will reduce premature aging or keep one young, reduce tiredness, pacifies Vata Dosha, brings clarity to the eyes, nourishes the body, facilitates sound sleep and makes one’s skin healthy.

Swedana Therapy: Sudation:

Swedana is sweating induced by steam and is given every day immediately following the snehana. An essential oil, different Ayurvedic medicinal herbs like Nirgudi, Dashamul may be added to the steam to further loosen the toxins from the individual. Swedana liquefies the toxins and increases the movement of toxins into the gastrointestinal tract. After three to seven days of snehana and swedana, the doshas become well ripened. Devoid of pre-procedure produces complications as an unripe fruit get crushed during juice extraction, whereas ripped fruit is best, and juice can easily be extracted.