Master the Art of Vedic Vastu Shastra


Step into the World of Vedic Vastu Mastery and Transform Spaces

Duration: [4 days- 4 hours]

Mode: [In-Person]

Date: Oct 3,4,5 & 6 2023 6 PM to 9 PM

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Unlock the Power to Evaluate and Harmonize Living Spaces

Discover the profound knowledge of Vedic Vastu Shastra and learn to assess and optimize residential and commercial properties independently. This comprehensive course combines ancient wisdom, modern insights, and practical techniques to equip you with the skills to implement Vedic Vastu principles effectively.

Course Highlights: Vedic Vastu Certification Course 


[4 days- 4 hours] Mode: [In-Person]

Cost: $399 – Early bird – $ 199- Till 

Course Overview: Delve into the ancient art and science of architecture with a focus on Vedic Vastu. This course empowers you to balance and harmonize energies within living spaces, creating environments that nurture well-being and positivity.

Syllabus Overview: Module 1: Understanding Vastu Shastra

  • Historical origins and evolution of Vastu Shastra.
  • Fundamental principles and basics of Vastu.
  • Exploring the significance of the Five Elements in architecture.
  • Unveiling the symbolism of Vastu Purusha Mandala.

Module 2: Vastu and Directions

  • The influence of cardinal and ordinal directions.
  • Effects and significance of different directions.
  • Using tools like compasses for precise direction determination.
  • Analyzing energy flow and pathways in various rooms.

Module 3: Residential Vastu

  • Positioning and significance of different rooms.
  • Optimal placement of living spaces and utilities.
  • Harmonizing energies within bedrooms, kitchens, and more.

Module 4: Colors, Curtains, and Harmony

  • Understanding the impact of colors and the Five Elements.
  • Strategic use of colors and curtains for balance.
  • Room-wise color selections to enhance positive energies.

Module 5: Symbols and Remedies

  • Integrating Vastu symbols and their placement.
  • Empowering spaces with positive energy through symbols.
  • Practical remedies for Vastu challenges using Yantras, Gemstones, and more.

Module 6: Modern Adaptations of Vastu

  • Adapting Vastu principles for contemporary living.
  • Challenges and solutions for urban environments.
  • Incorporating Vastu in renovation projects.

Module 7: Vastu for Workspaces

  • Creating harmonious and productive work environments.
  • Applying Vastu in home office settings.
  • Addressing energy zones in residential and commercial spaces.

Practical Workshops and Assessment:

  • Hands-on evaluation of layouts and problem areas.
  • Field visits to analyze Vastu principles in action.
  • Utilizing tools like the compass for accurate assessments.
  • Real-world case study discussions for practical insights.
  • Continuous assessment based on assignments.
  • Final project: Vastu analysis and correction plan for a designated space.